my autumn morning stroll

...was breathtaking. I had a surreal moment this morning as I was meandering down the road, onward to one of my favorite places to explore with my girl in the stroller and my dog at my side. I was surrounded by shimmering golden quakies and deep saturated blue sky. High Uintah peaks formed my horizon. The near perfect 70 degree Indian Summer didn't hurt either.

I live here.

I live here!! Holy smokes, folks.  

This is my life.

How in tarnations did we get here? Who does something like this?

This is my home now.

 I couldn't be more ecstatic. Wouldn't you be if you woke up every morning to this?

 Yes, please. Pass me some more of that.


Jason and Erin Webster said...

So glad you started a wilderness blog. Looks like an awesome adventure. Hope we can come up and see you sometime while you are there.
And hello, look at all of Reese's long, blond hair all of a sudden! So cute!

Katie and Greg said...

Absolute beauty. I can't wait until we can sneak in a visit!