let the catching up begin!

As of last week I was officially restored to the modern universe.  Hello Mr. Internet. You had me at "connecting to gmail..." So glad to get our groove on again.

I never thought I'd be able to say this, but I survived over a month without you.  30 plus days people.  A feat in it's own right for someone of my generation, but when it's your primary mode of communication with the entire non-coniferous world...? Ummmm, hi. I ate a cupcake {or eight} to celebrate.

I thought about updating earlier, but then I was whisked away to the valley to enjoy the family Boondocks extravaganza. And then I also started a very small job during Reese's naps several times a week.  In other words, blogging time has been sparse.

But just so you know, instead of a fading distant memory, blogging is now somewhere on the list. If I even had a list.

I'll be updating hoards and hoards of pictures from exotic travels and more pictures than you ever wanted to see of this little squirt:

Let the catching up begin!!


like a voice crying out from the darkness....

... or just the internet darkness.

I'm back. It was wonderful. It was crazy. It was memorable.

And it's never felt so great to be home.


Sweet, sweet word.

As for now, I'm hijacking the lodge's office internet, since our wireless router has been down for the past couple weeks.

Translation: I have much to share but no internet at my home.  Should be fixed by the end of the week. Wahoo!!

Hope your day of love was somethin' special!!