let the catching up begin!

As of last week I was officially restored to the modern universe.  Hello Mr. Internet. You had me at "connecting to gmail..." So glad to get our groove on again.

I never thought I'd be able to say this, but I survived over a month without you.  30 plus days people.  A feat in it's own right for someone of my generation, but when it's your primary mode of communication with the entire non-coniferous world...? Ummmm, hi. I ate a cupcake {or eight} to celebrate.

I thought about updating earlier, but then I was whisked away to the valley to enjoy the family Boondocks extravaganza. And then I also started a very small job during Reese's naps several times a week.  In other words, blogging time has been sparse.

But just so you know, instead of a fading distant memory, blogging is now somewhere on the list. If I even had a list.

I'll be updating hoards and hoards of pictures from exotic travels and more pictures than you ever wanted to see of this little squirt:

Let the catching up begin!!

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