the wedding

Such a beautiful, sunshiny day.  With temperatures peaking in the upper teens, it was a little on the frigid side.  My favorite part of the entire day was when Brad sang a love song to Alli at the luncheon.  Sigh. So sweet.

The happy newly weds:

The N men:

The N women:


The 2 oldest nephews:

Perhaps the cutest picture of Kayla and Preston ever:

Miss 'Liza:

I was a mean mom and didn't bring Reese to the temple or luncheon.  Only grandchild not there.  Ooopsies.  I wanted her to be well rested and ready to party at the reception.  She can be quite the little monster when naps are skipped. Watch out.

And whatdoyouknow, we forgot to bring our camera to the reception so these are all from the wedding photographer.

The entire N crew (sidenote: weird optical illusion going on with Katie on the far right.  She is in fact only an inch or so taller than me and very petite.)

Miss Rooster Roni herself:  Isn't that dress to die for?

Chewing on the decorations:

Who wouldn't love to marry into a family with siblings like this? SMILE AS BIG AS YOU CAN. I know, my smile is totally weak sauce.  Poor, poor Alli...

I love family weddings. What a fun excuse to hang out with your favorite people all day long. And also for waxing nostalgic about one's own wedding day. Has it really been over 5 years? Eee gads.

Any way, it was such a beautiful day in all sense of the word. Brad and Alli are the perfect compliment to one another, and it was such a joy to celebrate with them.

Congrats Brad and Alli!!


Megs said...

Great pictures! Looks like a beautiful wedding!

Katie and Greg said...

Hey girl! You've been holding out on me! You have all these amazing gorgeous pics and you haven't emailed them to me yet? I love the boys pic, I love our ladies pic. I love sweet Trev and Russ. And my little Lou? Holy cow. I guess it serves me right for jumping out of the blogosphere so long that I didn't even know to bug you for these awesome pictures!