don't worry, it's just a skeleton.

Yesterday, as we were out and about exploring the local neighborhood, we came across this poor fella'.

I'm thinking it would look lovely in the guest room. Nothing gives a touch of home like an old rotting skeleton bolted to the wall.

Or at the very least an au naturale halloween decoration. An effort to go green.

Anyway, she took us by surprise.

Honestly I was hoping to find some antlers near by, so I could find my first rack fit for my antler chandelier.

Oh yes.

I want an antler chandelier. This mountain air must really be getting to me.

Would ya'll still visit if we had an antler chandelier?  I swear I'll keep it classy. As classy as an antler chandelier can be. I saw one on HGTV once.

And everything seen on HGTV is a good idea right?


Fine, I'll just go hang my skeleton...


Shanna and Chris Purdie said...

thats hilarious!sounds like its quite the adventure out there

Katie and Greg said...

Yikes. I think its a perfectly wonderful Halloween deco item. And I'm not so sure I could pull off the classy antler look, but I KNOW you could!