the grandma scam

Please tell your lovely grandparents to be careful.

Deek's grandma received a call earlier this week from someone claiming to be my hubster.

The caller explained that while on vacation, local police had found marijuana in the rental car he was using which obviously wasn't his, thus sending him to prison.  He needed $3000 wired immediately to post bail.

Grandma: You don't sound like my grandson...

Mysterious Caller Man:  I know, I have a really bad cold so I don't sound like myself.

Grandma:  Why didn't you ask your dad for the money?

Mysterious Caller man:  We got into a big fight and aren't speaking at the moment.

Grandma: What's your wife's name? (Smartypants points for Grandma!!)

Mysterious Caller Man:  (frustrated) Why are you asking so many questions??!!

And then he hung up the phone.

Isn't that just the most conniving thing you've ever heard? We have no idea where he got the information, linking Deek to his grandma since they have entirely different last names.

It obviously wasn't this blog or they would have known my name. And I never write last names in any of my posts.  Facebook maybe?  Deek is about the least social internetting person there is.  I think he's logged into Facebook maybe 4 times in the past year.  So maybe his privacy settings aren't set up right? He is 'Friends' with grandma...

Perhaps Spokeo or something of the like?

Who knows.  I remembered hearing a similar story on the news a year or so ago so I started researching, and turns out this is a popular scam going on right now.  People posing as grandchildren call the unknowing grandparents to wire money to get them out of some outlandish situation.  It's called the grandma scam.

Authorities still aren't sure how they get the information they need. Is that scary or what?

Just tell your grandparents to watch out!!

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Jodie said...

That is SO creepy! What scum! So sorry!