mirror, mirror on the wall

So we have a floor mirror in our family room that I pulled out a few weeks ago. I wanted Reese to be able to see herself dance and pull funny faces to her little hearts content. If anything, it provides extra entertainment for myself.

Turns out, she LOVES the mirror. For dancing, for dress up, for acting silly, for kissing, for pretty much every activity ever.

Do I have a little narcissist on my hands? Perhaps, but better than a low self confidence right? We'll keep trying to work on the humility...

But anyway, I've managed to capture a few moments without her completely noticing.

So in love with herself.

Insisted on wearing her hat, and mittens, and boots.

Caught in the act. Love that smile.

The bathing beauty.

Oh gosh, isn't she something? Never a dull moment..


Jeff and Tat said...

I love that first picture :)

Andi said...

What a cutie!! I can't believe how much she looks like Derek to me sometimes!