Things of note:

Kayla came down with the flu a day before we all were to fly out together. We all sat near each other on the plane :).

In effort to avoid catching the bug {who knows who's been exposed!}, Annie and I walked around with face masks and rubber gloves on. {Wo}man v Biological terror.  Seriously.  Poor Matt, he had to put up with not 1, but 2 crazy N girls.

When Matt came down with the bug we still didn't know who had been exposed so he was banished to the bedroom for 2 straight days even though he was feeling better.  Hi Matt, thanks for still loving me.

Wiping down every. single. blasted. toy. with Lysol after any child used it.

And then all flu hell broke loose.  Annie, Preston, Reese.... The soldiers started dropping like flies.

Reese's very first flu included barfing all over the tub, then on a walk through the culdesac {ummm... maybe it'll just act like fertilization?}, and then the culminating barf of all barfs: all over in the car while we were 30 minutes from home. Annie buying towels in the nearest store, stripping Reese down to a diaper in the freezing cold, holding her naked little body on my lap in the back seat all the way home {on the freeway. wahoo!!}, rolling windows down from the awful smell, scrubbing every last buckle and cranny of her car seat.  With a bucket. Gag.   Their hose wasn't working so we had to run back and forth, back and forth into the house with an ice cream bucket filled with water to get all the, uh, chunks out.

Reese pooping in the tub.  What's with the bodily secretions and Annie's tub?

Taking hardly any pictures.

Meeting Lulu.

Sub freezing temperatures. In Houston. Don't worry, the next week it was back into the 80's. What the heck, weather of the globe?!  

Annie gets favorite aunt points for cleaning her niece's throw up BOTH times.  Now that's love.

Threw in the towel in the fight against germs.  Reese and I shared food and kisses while she was sick.  No more face masks and gloves, though.  And no more Lysol. Freedom!

Somehow, I'm the only one who didn't get sick.  What the? We're still in awe over this fact. I credit the Airborne I started taking religiously the second we got to Texas.  Will now invest for the food storage...

Pappasito's. Mmmmmm...

Charming Charlies. Please come to Utah already?

Lots and lots of popsicles.

Unpacking the play room and kitchen. Starting the decorating. Wish I could have helped even more!! {the real reason I went down there...} Darn flu...

Reese discovered playgrounds.  LOVED the slides, and wanted to go down all by herself. And also whatever Kayla was doing.

First time feeding ducks. 

Reese and Preston taking turns pushing each other in the little red fire engine. Totally the coveted toy.

Blue Bell ice cream every night.

Watching the kids interact.  Reese LOVED Kayla and Preston.  She was mesmorized by all that they did and wanted to be in on all the action.  Favorite thing was watching them all jump around on the air mattress.

Surviving the flight home all by myself with an 18M toddler.  Something magical happened and she slept the ENTIRE way.  More than luck I'd say.

Despite the sickness, we still managed to have a great and mostly MEMORABLE trip. Thanks again Matt and Annie!! Wish I could have helped even more, but it was so fun to just be able to hang out. You guys are the greatest - cleaning up my child's barf, putting up with my germophobic tendencies, and hosting a trip that I'll always, always remember.  Love you lots.


Jodie said...

I can totally relate to the being a germaphobe! I HATE,HATE,HATE sick children! I also HATE the stomach flu! Sorry that it had to happen on your trip! You must have come down here with in the first couple weeks of February! It was freezing down here!

Andrea Dent said...

This post is hilarious, and not hilarious all at the same time. We are so grateful that you still came down...flu and all...and that you survived. Although it was not ideal, it was SO memorable! And I would clean up Reese's poop & throw up anytime, as long as she is here at my house. If you come this far to see us, I will do it! And let's plan the next trip for you guys sometime in the summer/spring. I would take swimming & the heat anytime over sickness & cold weather! I'm grateful that we did have so many fun memories though. And PS. the guest room in our house is actually referred to as "Jen's Room". And the mattress has found a spot that makes it easily found for those days that my kids just need to bounce around (aka cheap persons trampoline). And while I'm headed towards the longest comment in history, I would like to tell Reese that we miss her and adore her. That is all...I think.

Katie and Greg said...

Ha, ha! I loved hearing all the specs on your trip. I had never imagined how nuts it would have been to have two germophobic women in one house. Absolutely hilarious. I'm so, so, so glad you survived. I'm so sad to hear about the throw up in the car. I had no idea you guys had to go through that kind of sisterly bonding. Ugh. Poor little soldiers. Bless you all!