14 month photo shoot

Whew! That took longer than expected. I was all ready to post the rest of her pictures Monday morning, but what do you know, we found ourselves trekking down the mountain in a blizzard to spend the day at Primary Children's. But don't worry, we're home safe home and everything is fine.

On to the real purpose of this post - the little Pee Wee!  So when Reese turned one I did something that no respectable mother should do. {It's like really awful and Reese will probably hold a grudge against me for the rest of her days.} It's kind up right up there with recording major mile stones and providing food to eat.

I completely bombed the 1 year photo shoot. Didn't even have them done.

As in, the one picture that everyone from the Hamptons to Hillbilly's manage to get. The ONE professional picture that is a must.


Chalk up my neglect to packing, moving, renting our place out, getting our new place ready to go, and countless other little things.

And so, Reese will forever and always have 14 month pictures instead of 12 month. Cry me a river.

Now, before I show them to you, you have to keep in mind that we did the shoot entirely on our own. As in, they aren't even professional pictures. And we are in NO way professional photographers or photoshoppers. And the lens we have isn't even a digital lens, even though our camera is (which means, blurry pictures).

I know. You didn't think it could get much worse. Our poor deprived offspring.

Anyhoo, without further adieu, the goods.

Check out those pearly whites. She has FOURTEEN teeth at only 14 months. Wowsers.

My favorite:

Love it in black and white too:

Love her to pieces.


Megs said...

Those are really good pictures! She is DARLING - so I guess it's pretty hard NOT to get good pictures, right?! :)

Kristi said...

She is so darling!! I LOVE her photos! Are you kidding me!?!? You make your camera sound like it is horrible and you have no talent whatsoever- but these pictures are awesome! seriously, you could go into business :)

Andi said...

Jen...these are absolutely scrumptious! I LOVE them. Please...make this a monthly occurrence!!

Fort Files said...

I need your Camera! What kind is it? All the pictures you take are so adorable!

Erin Webster said...

Oh my gosh. I love her- those are great pictures! And FOURTEEN teeth!?!?! That is a lot of chompers!

Katie and Greg said...

Whooee Jen. Non-digital lens that girl is darling and the pics are perfect! Love them all!

Hale-O There said...

Darling!!!!!!!! What cool backdrops, you must have gone miles for that scenery...;)