it was just me. but don't worry, i'm still thankful

Darn storm.

All bark and hardly any bite.

Sure we received a few more inches of white stuff and sure it hasn't gotten above 0 degrees Fahrenheit today, but still. I was hoping for much, much more. I'll have to get my adrenaline high off of some future storm full of wintery vengeance.

And all the news people calling it the the Blizzard of 2010? Please. Last time I checked Utah was a mountainous state that sees its share of snow.

Anyway, enough grumbling from me. I'm glad most people stayed safe and sound and were able to get an extra day off work during a Holiday week (excluding us....darn it).

In the spirit of this week I'd like to make a small list of a few things I'm forever grateful for. And I have much to be grateful for.

Relationships; family, friends, you name it. Seems they always bring the greatest happiness.
My personal savior Jesus Christ, His atonement, the scriptures, and the gospel.
My spouse has a job. Oh the luxury of having a small, but survivable budget...
And for that job to be his dream job.
Countless acts of service and thoughtfulness given to my little family this past year.
Waking up to fresh mountain air every single day. Hooray for no inversions up here!
Home made bread.
A ward that couldn't be more down to earth. I love all the wranglers and cowboy boots and people.
A husband that never fails to make me laugh.
A daughter that's given me the greatest joy I've ever known.
A dog I've wanted to kill 1.5 million times but wanted love and hug 1.500006 more millions times.
A functioning furnace, washer & dryer, vacuum, and every other household appliance ever made.
My Baffin winter boots. Quite possibly my most prized earthly possession. At least while I live up here.
My cooking skills. Without them, we'd most definitely starve. No restaurants or fast food joints as back up around these parts.
Beautiful, pristine, brilliant acres of freshly fallen snow. 
Neighbors that take the time to make us feel welcome.
Watching Reese giggle with delight to see her daddy walk in the door, and then give him a great big juicy kiss.
Music. Food for my soul.
DVR (especially since it's free!)
Friends that take the time to come visit.
4WD vehicles.
My Yankee Vanilla Lime candle.
Finally, finally, finally being a stay at home mom.
Finally, finally, being a mom at all.
That newspaper delivery kid that biffs it in the movie "While You Were Sleeping."
The vast spread of stars draped across the sky. I love being able to see the Milky Way every night.
Not having a cell phone. I finally have a decent excuse for not calling people back! (at least that's what I tell myself)
Pillow talk every night with my very best friend (and warmest heater!).
And finally, the knowledge that I've gained about myself this past year.

Yup. Much to be grateful for, for sure. Hope the Holiday finds you filled with love and family and miles high piles of pies.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Katie and Greg said...

Wow. I love your Thanksgiving memoir of all your blessings. You say it so well.