because you really wanted to know all of this (she says sarcastically)

this is how I felt last week

Whew! I'm back. I know. You couldn't bear my absence.

What a week yesterweek was! In no particular stress factor order this is what happened:

Reese decided it would be really cool to stop walking Sunday night. As in, every couple steps she would trip and fall and act all frustrated (unheard of for her in regard to walking). Her left leg seemed to not be working. Then Monday morning she refused to walk at all. Everything on the Internet said You Child is Going to DIE. RIGHT. NOW.

I Decided to take the 2 hour trip down the mountain to see her doctor right away.
Some really uncool spouse dude suggested I take the civic instead of the truck. After all, we'd save on gas money, honey. Don't worry, I'm not bitter.

Spent 2 hours, 90% of which is through one canyon or another, driving downhill through an insane rain/snow storm.

As I gripped the steering wheel, knuckles white with tension, I new I must be close to gasping my last earthly breath. Surely the Civic would be hurtling off some cliff at any moment.

The entire way I kept thinking to myself, "I am going to DIE. Reese is going to DIE. We are both going to DIE. I hope Deek feels really guilty. I am going to make it my personal post-mortal mission to haunt him the rest of his life. Mwah ha ha ha..." And guys, I'm sure the Man Upstairs would totally allow that in this situation.

Somehow we made it to the doctor's office alive.

Nothing on the surface appeared to be wrong, so we were sent to Primary Children's for Xrays and blood work. Yippee. Again, still a blizzard outside.

My heart was ripped from my chest as I watched Reese scream and wail and flail as they tried to draw her blood. The first vial coagulated so they had to do it all over again. Heart wrenching.

Then they pinned her down for 12 as in TWELVE xrays. Again, screaming and wailing and flailing and reaching out for me to come save her. And all I could do was stand 6 feet away and watch.

Finally we left the hospital. Both of us physically and mentally fatigued. Decided to camp out at my Mom's for the night since it was still snowing.

Got a call from the doctor, everything looks perfect. They're not sure why she decided to stop walking.

Okay... thanks for all the help. Pshhh....

Reese decided to start walking again, but still limping a tad on the left. Weirdness.

Tuesday: Still snowing at home, so we continued to camp out in the valley.

Finally, a break in snow that evening so we made the long trek home.

Wednesday woke up with a sore throat. Fantastic, yet another cold. Spent the day preparing for the next days festivities.

Thursday, Deek's birthday! Hurray! Nothing like a sick wife to usher in another year. Oh yes, and Reese's walking is totally back to normal.

Friday, made another trek to the valley, this one being planned. Semimonthly grocery trip and family birthday celebrations. Reese decides to catch my cold. The nose faucet: ON. Oh yeah, and another two teeth are making their grand entrance.

Saturday night, home again. I'm still sick, she's still sick and Deek and I have both procrastinated writing our talks we were supposed to be giving in Sacrament meeting the next morning. Fabulous.

I stay up til three in the morning preparing my talk.

Sunday, still sick.  Stomach in knots. I hate, hate, hate, loathe entirely (name that movie) giving talks in church. I get scared out of my mind.

Deliver my talk. Success! I think both of our talks went great!

That night, our first random visitors EVER to come by, stopped by to say hello. And of course this is the one week I hadn't done any cleaning, breakfast dishes still in the sink, grocery bags from the night before still strewn across the kitchen table, birthday banners and streamers hanging all over the walls and I'm in sweats. But still, it means we have some new friendly neighbors and friends! And they only live about 5 miles away. Did I mention they're my parents age? That doesn't matter though does it?

Dieing, Hospitals, Sickness, Birthdays, Friends, Talks. That's was my week.

Sounds like someones life time line in reverse order. Anyway, that's what I've been up to and why the absence of posts. But ladies and gents. We're back in business.

My home is in order. My laundry is in order. My snot river nose is in order. And I made home made chocolate truffles.

Yes, life is good indeed.


Hale-O There said...

Oh Jen you make me laugh. All I can say is what a "Bear Hunter" you are. Carri's little boy had the same symptoms and ended up with botulism, he was hospitalized for months so I think you were smart to err on the safe side. That is great you have neighbors! They are probably stoked to have you three as neighbors. love ya and I hope this week is grand.

Erin Webster said...

You are hilarious! I so relate to that "I'm going to haunt my terrible husband slash he better feel guilty for my untimely death" thing....I am so glad you made it to the valley and back safely and that Reese is ok! That sounds terrifying!

Andi said...

Jen...I'm really glad you didn't die. And I'm really glad Reese didn't die. And I'm really glad the snot faucet is now OFF. I'm basically just glad you all made it through the week!

Katie and Greg said...

That pictures was worth a thousand words. I'm so glad your snot river is in order.

Jodie said...

That totally happened to my oldest son at about 14 or 15 months! It scared me to death! I think it was his left leg. It would just give out on him and he would fall to the ground! It seemed as though I was the only worried one! My husband thought it was no big deal and so did my parents! I was disgusted. There had to be something wrong, children don't just fall. I took him to the doctor and they said that there was nothing wrong with him and that he would grow out of it. I still was appalled. But what could I do? So he grew out of it. Every now and then I catch him limping. It is so weird! I am glad to know that my child is not the only child on the face of this earth that it has happened to!

Kristi said...

Jen, my little boy had that happen at about 18 months old! Same thing, nothing showed up on the xrays. But you know what? Thanks heavens I have a smart, talented orthopedic doctor for a brother in law because he diagnosed what the ER docs couldn't... it is called Toddler's Fracture. They fall and fracture their leg but it is a very small fracture and it doesn't show up on on xrays. Because kids heal so quickly they only have a few days of difficulty walking (or no walking at all) and then they start walking again and all is good! No intervention needed. Your daughters story sounds exactly like my sons. That's probably what it was - just to help you breathe easy. :) Glad she is doing better!!