civilization do you copy?

 this morning after cleaning off all the sleds. as in snowmobiles.

Because we're out here in the frozen tundra of the North Pole.  It feels like the edge of the world.

Simply breathtaking.

This weekend old man winter blew in a good ole' fashioned mountain snowstorm. And these winds must have some fairy dust, because they blew in some friends too. I love that fairy dust.

And better yet, Jason and Erin and gang were able to spend an extra night since the highway was closed down due to the weather. Nothing like being snowed in is there? Warm soup, warm drink, warm conversation.

Word on the iced over buried in snow gravel path street is that tomorrow is supposed to be even worse than Saturday. Like maybe even 2 more feet of snow.  Guys, that would mean the snow could pretty much be taller than I am. Not that that's hard to do.

I don't know why but I just really love the thought of measuring snow in feet not inches. There's something magical and quaint and simply exhilarating to look out the window and see nothing but pure, brilliant white. And knowing that your first step out the door you'll vanish into a giant puff of powder.

Love that Utah powder.

Love that I had to clean off two and half feet of it from the snowmobiles this morning. I guess it's better than cleaning my bathrooms though, right? This morning we got a call from a group of 16 people saying they wanted to come rent 16 sleds. This was like half an hour before they'd get here. It was a crazy mad scramble to get the machines wiped off, started, and gassed up especially since this was the inaugural outing for most of them this season.

Yup, yup, yup. Crazy, crazy crazy.

But awesome crazy.

It's days like today that it seems so surreal that this is our life now.  Everything revolves around snow, sleds, cabins, mountains. How incredible is that? I still have to pinch myself every now and then.

Never in the entire great big world could there be a job so well suited for Deek.  Or for our family for that matter.

Yes sirree. I heart the wilderness. And the snow. And even cleaning off the machines.

I simply love it all.

Just wish me luck that I won't get lost walking to the garbage bin. Cuz, uh...well. My snow clothes are all white.

Crazy awesome for sure.

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Jodie said...

That really would be an incredible sight! I don't think I can even imagine it! How do you get out of your front door when it snows that much? Just try to bust your way through it! That it craziness! I would love to see some pictures of that for sure! I am not a fan of the snow and you make it sound incredible! Let us know how much you get after this next crazy storm. I hear there are blizzard warnings for the mountains and valleys!