thanksgiving recap

We're home!

Ok, actually we came home at the crack o' dawn Sunday, but really, I feel like that was only one blink ago at most. My home is still in vacation disaster mode. My laundry is waiting to be done. The late nights are showing under my eyes.

And want to know a leeeetle secret? My Thanksgiving decorations are still up.

--insert judging space--

I know. The gall. But hey. I still have like 13 more hours of November.

I'm still revelling in our picture perfect Thanksgiving. I think it would be safe to say, this was one of my most favorite Turkey Days in a long time.

Gobble, gobble.

There was mostly good, a little bad, and a smidgen of ugly.

the Good
- Me and my man singing at the top of our lungs to the Oakridge Boys Christmas album during the chilly ride to the  valley.
-Descending into the warmth. When we left Wednesday night it was -18F and when we arrived at the in laws it was a balmy 16F and we were sipping Pina Coladas. I was surprised to hear Thanksgiving day was only 24F. I had actually felt warm during the day when I was out playing with Kita. Feeling a hint of sun on my face was beautiful, I tell ya.
-The feast with Mom H's family. Wonderful people, wonderful food, wonderful conversation.
- Minute to Win it. Shake that booty...
-Watching Avatar for the very first time.
-Reese sleeping in til' 9:30am Friday, and lazy morning with Emilee, Aliseea, and Sean. I have the greatest in law family in the world.
- Weekend spent with my ENTIRE immediate family. Hands down the best time we've all spent together in ages.
- Matt's killer Kaysville scavenger hunt. Go team green!!! And COLOR TV? Who'd a thought?
- Discussing our mutual love for all things Parenthood with Greg and Katie. Who's that boy-man?
- The funniest game of Bubble Talk ever. We were all laughing so hard, no one could read the cards. Fire in the hole!!
- All of my siblings and their significant others trying to be obnoxious and follow me to the grocery store at 11PM Saturday night. 11 adults piling into the Suburban. Me driving. Guys, I only needed like 4 things. Japanese group pranks ensued. Post coming later.
- Staying up way, way, way too late every night.
- Pie overload.
- Greg and Katie and their absolutely stunning announcement: a new little bun in the oven! Hurray!!

the Bad
- The Lodge deciding last minute Deek had to work Saturday. Which meant he had to work every single day of the Holiday weekend excluding Thursday. We're talking Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. He was a peach and drove down late Saturday night to spend a few hours with my family.
- Waking up at 6:00am Sunday for the 2 hour drive home. Must. Keep. Eyes. Open.

the Ugly
- Kita possibly eating DeCon and trying to make her throw up all Thanksgiving morning. Sadness. But I think it's a good sign that she's still alive and still terrorizing everything in her path. RIP my favorite flats.
- Discovering a water leak in my parents new absolutely gorgeous remodeled basement. Bye-bye grandkids room.

So all in all, a hearty success!

And now I'm off to begrudgingly take down  my pilgrims and turkeys and fall foliage. Don't get me wrong, I love all things Christmas more than the next person. I just don't want to admit that it's almost here. That before I know it, the much anticipated season will be over. Gifts unwrapped, Christmas music silent, Frosty melting, and Rudolph vacationing in the Bahamas.

If I close my eyes, it won't go away.

Over and out, Jen Harbie.


(can't stop quoting Parenthood in my mind. Aaaaahhhh!!!)


mama nels said...

Jen it's been forever since I've been on the Blogs and I am loving reading your entrees! So glad you loved Thanksgiving weekend! Me too! And good news-Les Roberts has discovered the source of our leak - three floors up and a few holes in the wall later!! BUT the good news is - it will be all better in a few days and insurance should cover all the repair and restoration work! The grandchildrens room will prevail!!! Love you - I tried to call you today three times! Can't wait for you to get caller id!

Cami said...

Oh, Jen! So good to catch up on your blog! Four posts of which were new to me. Amen to the best Thanksgiving! I love your thankful entry and insight on the blizzard of the year. Most of all, I'm just grateful for the laughs you give me and to see that you're still alive and all is well! Kiss the munchkin for me!

Katie and Greg said...

And for the record, I am totally in withdrawal. What gives? I NEED my episodes. You can't just hook me up, really cinch me on the seasons best episode only to leave me hangin until after JANUARY!

And PS sorry for being portacrib stealers. Didn't exactly process your 6am departure.