at least my frozen goods won't thaw

So one of the "perks" about living where we do  is that in the winter, we're not allowed to park by our dearest double wide.

We "get" to park a couple hundred yards away in the lodge parking lot.  I know, it is like soooo awesome!! (said like a cheerleader from, like, the vall-ay!!)

Do you realize what this means? Do you? Do you, do you, do you??

And can I get any more obnoxious in one single post?

Why yes. Yes I can.

Anyway, the reason for this is because the sewer pipes for the lodge run near our home.  And when heavy things, ie. our truck, drive over the snow where the pipes lay, the snow turns to ice which makes the ground even colder, which then freezes the poop pipes. And if that happens then Deek gets to pump poop.

All together now, "Ewwww....."

And yes. I just said poop pipes.

So, moral of the story. Everything we want to take in or out of our house needs to be dragged (or is it drug?) out by sled.  Food, Christmas gifts, luggage for trips down to the valley, children, etc...

The entire hike to the truck is covered in snow, so whenever I need to go somewhere that requires a vehicle, I have to bring two pairs of shoes: my hardcore winter boots and the normal shoes I plan on wearing to my destination.

Although my hardcore boots would look pretty fancy shmancy worn to church.

So far, I really haven't minded this extra little step to take things to and from home.  The food we have to eat is even more appreciated.  Now, in order to get my groceries into my home I have to do the following: Load food into coolers, load cooler into truck, cry, load food out of truck into toboggan, tow toboggan with food and child to home, cry, load food up steep porch stairs to home, lick away the frozen tears. And this is after the 40 minute drive each way to the nearest grocery store.

So much for pulling into a garage and running the food into my house.

This is why I try and only go grocery shopping a couple times a month. It's a lot of work to eat, yo.

I'm pretty much akin to yestermilleniums cave people.

Me. Work. Fo. My. Food. Grunt.Grunt.

Here's a picture that gives you a slight idea of how we haul everything in (And pardon the person-less picture. Deek was at work and Reese hasn't mastered the photo taking skills):

 Rah, rah, shish coom bah. Or something like that.

Just another day in the life of your average wilderness woman.


Andrea Dent said...

Ok, you are my hero. Seriously. For one, you are able to keep such a great attitude through it all. And second, you actually do it. I would probably rather starve. Although, maybe fancy boots would help?
(And thank you for the visual on the muffins...Matt will thank you later)

Shanna and Chris Purdie said...

okay, yuck. You make me glad to be living where I do. I don't envy that at all.

mama nels said...

Oh Jen - I don't know if I ever would have pictured you doing this kind of thing and you are such a pro at it!... and such a good sport...and these posts make my day! I will never complain again about carrying the groceries in from the car!

Katie and Greg said...

Oh, good times. I seriously have lots of respect for you. You are going to be so buff and tough after this experience you may scoff at all us garage owners that simply whisk away into our destination with a mere cold chill. I'm bringing my pom poms next time we visit.

Cami said...

I love your posts!! But I am still waiting to see pictures of you "Double Wide"!! Take us on a tour of your littl abode!!