i've been procrastinating...

...Writing this post, that is.

Last week, I had all intentions of blogging about our grand Christmas Tree Cutting Adventure of 2010.

And since, a giant DSLR camera is kind of a big ole' pain in the rear to lug along on one snowmobile with 3 people, a day pack, saw, giant tarp, and tree, I brought along our little point and shoot we've had the last 5 years that's on its' way down hill.

Whew! Talk about a run on sentence.

Anyway, haven't used the point and shoot since before the move, and low and behold, somewhere between packing up our old home and moving here we've lost the usb cord that connects our little camera to the computer. Awesome.

And then, just this morning, my desktop decided to freeze up all crazy like. Not functioning at all. Double awesome.

So here I am on our laptop with no pictures to show. Because what's a story without some good pictures for illustration?

And I'm trying to think of something really exciting to tell ya'll about, but I've got nothin'.


At least that doesn't need a good image to go along.

In other words, that's your warning for the Boring Post Award.

In other words, you may just want to





Gosh, you're stubborn, still reading and all, but really. You've been warned.

And so now you just get a hodge podge of really random things I've been thinking/doing lately. In fact, in honor of the year 2010 coming to a close I'll make it a Top 10 Things on Jen's Mind at 1:14PM December 14, 2010 list.

1 - I'm seeing David Archuleta with the Mo-Tab on Thursday.  Our really awesome friends (the ones that are my parent's age) invited us. They have some hook ups with killer seats, so it's going to be even extra amazing. And the other couple they've invited are some super accomplished (she's on Dr Phil and he's general manager of a local news station) folks. I'm kind of intimidated.

2 - I've been reading Jesus the Christ by James E Talmage lately. It kind of makes my brain hurt, but in a good way. I seriously LOVE it. I think I'm turning into a religion texts geek. But I guess there are worse ways I can spend my time.

3 - Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat! I've almost singly handedly eaten 1 batch of sugar cookies, 3 batches of truffles, and 1 giant batch of caramels in the last week. I'm craving salsa.

4 - I'll be really honest, I love the holidays, but Christmas shopping really stresses me out. Deek is hard enough, but to find the perfect gift for everyone else my list? The anxiety eats away my soul. So to fight the anxiety, I put off buying my gifts, which gives me more anxiety because I know, some day in the very near future I have to brake down and buy them. And then once I finally go to buy them everything is picked over and free shipping deals are over. Terror, I tell you. So if you get dried out chocolate oranges from Wal-mart, you know why. Or fossified moose poop.

5 - I'm the new Primary Chorister in my ward. Even though I pretty much bombed my first day, I'm already convinced it's the very best calling in the church.  Apparently I can't sing, read words, and wave my hand at the same time. And to attempt leading a round? Death by complexity ensues. Yes, my hair color is deceiving.

6 - Speaking of my ward. It's the greatest ward there every was. Seriously. You should be sincerely jealous.  Every one ranches their own piece of land and the kids are all cream of the crop. I think it's because they don't have time to waste on PlayStation's, texting, and other electronics. They can, like, carry on normal conversations with each other and other adults. Phenomenal I tell you. And the ration of cowboy boots and wranglers to normal valley church apparel is about 8:1. I love it. It is just so down to earth.

7 - Sometimes I dress up all fancy, even though I haven't stepped out of my double wide in days. It keeps me sane to pretend like I have somewhere ritzy to go.  Try it. Throw on your tallest heels, fanciest jewelry and be a rock star for the day.  Every mundane task is instantly coolified.

8 - This deserves a post of it's own, but lately I've been thinking about how funny life is. How different it is than the fairy tale land you imagine as a child.  Real life isn't a fairy tale. It's better and worse and just different.  The hand I've been dealt is somewhat unique (aren't all of ours?), and I'm convinced 99% of our experiences here are based on attitude, determination to make the most with what we have, and thinking with eternal perspective. As I reflect on my own strengths and weaknesses and compare them to my own life experiences I can see just how divinely tailored each have been for me.  They've made me stronger, wiser, happier, and braver than I would ever have been able to become on my own.  Like I said, a post of it's own is needed, but it's something that's been on my mind a lot lately.

9 - Sometimes I just really crave fast food. Or any food that hasn't been prepared by me. 3 meals, 7 days a week, all prepared by mwah.  If we're lucky we make it to a restaurant or other food joint once every couple months or so.

10 - Keeta, my dog. I have a love hate relationship with her. In the past few months, I've almost posted her for sale in the classifieds about 1.5 millions times.  But then, she has moments of such pure lovability I couldn't ever give her away.  The thought of giving her to someone else breaks my heart. But that doesn't mean she still doesn't absolutely drive me insane.  It just means that if she ever just really pushes me over the edge, I'll just take her in the back yard with my shotgun.  Love, hate, love, hate....

And so you see.

Boring post of the year is now over. The end. Ca put.

Until next time!

Reese and I today. Courtesy of PhotoBooth.


Aliseea said...

I am suspicion that your relationship with Keeta will be one that rivals the one in Marley and Me.

Aliseea said...

...That is suppose to say suspicious

Katie and Greg said...

Not so boring at all. And #8 started to get so deep that I wasn't sure I'd resurface again. I'm glad I was stubborn and kept reading.