jen's top 10: christmas edition

I'm a list person. And since this year ends in such a perfectly list appropriate '10', I'm giving it its' due honor and going out with a big list shebang. This week, each blog post will be formatted in list form. A top ten of sorts, of course. And what better way to start than recapping my top 10 favorite things about this Christmas.

10. In light of the commercialism we all secretly love {tell me you don't love receiving gifts and I'll call you a big ole' liar, liar pants on fire}, my list begins with a couple star gifts we were gifted. The first being the Dueter Kid Comfort III child carrier courtesy of Mom and Dad H. Angels sang and time stood still as this package was unwrapped.

9. Reese's new rocking chair. An old fashioned wood rocking chair updated with bright colors and spinning alphabets.  She was all but done with the whole Christmas thing until my madre brought out this gift. It was love at first site.

8. Luminaries. My parent's neighborhood has done this every year for at least 30 years.  Every house, every street. The local scout troupes take turns lighting the public areas. It's simply not Christmas without seeing them. This year we all piled in the car sans headlights to admire the lighted fairy land, and Reese decided no seat would do unless it was in the driver's seat with Papa {or Pappy as she endearingly calls him}.

7. Waking up to stockings Christmas morning the N* {my maiden name} way. Stockings overflowing with gifts and goodies in the natural state. AKA unwrapped. Didn't realize how much I missed it.

6. Inception. Not to be confused with conception. Way, way, WAAAAY late on the bandwagon for this one, but I finally watched it. Wow. Kudos to the film makers for creating a novel, creative, shear entertaining film. And guys, he was totally in reality at the end.

5. A break from the lodge. Two and a half blissful days of no work, total relaxation and being together with family in the valley.

4. Feeding Reese fermented pomegranates.  It's true. I took a taste test first and all I thought was, "Huh... these taste like they've been soaking in 7 up for a couple days. Eh, they're probably fine."  Deek took one whiff and delivered the news. Too bad he was a couple hours late. Needless to say, she was a big fan. Note to self: 'No Alcoholic Beverages {or pomegranates} Allowed' speech should probably happen in the relative future.

3. Brad's wrapping job for Deek's gift. In my immediate family Deek is known for his mad wrapping skills. He's a wrapping fiend. And so in honor of King Deek Brad totally brought his A game. And yes. That's a painted, hand carved from styrofoam winterscape.

sorry you're blinking brad! only one I had...

2. Being with family. Particularly having Deek's entire immediate family together. That hasn't happened for a looooong time.

1. Drinking in the peace and joy that come from reflecting about the birth of Christ. This year I felt an elevated reverence for the holy day that I haven't felt before.  Perhaps it's because this last year, in a mile of understanding I feel like I've gained a couple more inches in knowing Him.  Who He is and how profound His love is for me.  My true personal Savior.

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mama nels said...

We LOVED having you, Deek and Reese with us for Christmas Eve/Morning Jen! Thanks so much for spending that time and fun with us. P.S. It was so much fun watching Reese unveil her little chair and take ownership of it!! I love your pictures with this post!