meeting mr. c

Last night around 8:30 the winds blew in a surprise visitor. From the North Pole, of course.

I had sent Deek to brave the snowy roads and deliver some Christmas cookies to the neighbors {relative term} while I stayed home to pick up the days clutter.

As I was washing the umpteenth measuring cup I heard a jingle. Like a real Kris Kringle jingle.

"Who in the world?"....

Just then, a full, decked out in red suit complete with black boots and jingle bells and a snowy white beard Santa Claus appeared out of the dark night at my back door.


And do you know how hard it is to get to my back door? Hard enough that Mr. C was only our 2nd unannounced visitor ever.

He's a good man, that Mr. C.

He had been visiting some family parties in our ward that evening and thought he'd just swing by to give a little pre-Christmas treat to Reese.

And by swing by, I mean venture 8 miles into unplowed snowy roads and hike the several hundred yards through fresh powder to my door.

What a dear, dear man.

This is how Reese chose to thank him:

As you can tell, she's elated.

Essential childhood "Sitting on Santa's Lap While Screaming" picture? Check.

After last night's reception, we're really hoping Santa decides to make a return trip later this week.

Please cross your fingers for us.


Megs said...

that picture is priceless! love your little blog!

Erin Webster said...

Too funny! We have a similar one of Cohen from this year!

mama nels said...

Oh Jenny that is hilarious! Were you a little spooked to hear the jingles at your door!!!!