checking out for a few weeks

While I am "forced" to do things like the following:

Fly to Houston to party with the sister
Celebrate the brother's wedding and festivities
Visit Chicago for an all girls' trip to see Wicked

Lots of fun traveling.  Lots of fun celebrating.*

I know.


Guys. Someone has to live like this, and I was all, pick me. PICK ME DANGIT!!

And whatdoyouknow, they did. Whoever "they" is.

I love "they." or them. or whatever..

And so, I bid ya'll a hearty yeehaw adieu.

This is Jen from the Wilderness checking out.

Over and out,



*I wouldn't be doing any of the aforementioned activities if it weren't for the generous sponsorship of un-named individuals. A.K.A. my rock-your-socks family.


Hale-O There said...

I know the feeling! I just got back from NY where the Hale girls hit up some broadways and had a great trip. I'm really excited for you! Soak it up!!!! Tell Brad congrats!

Katie and Greg said...

Peace out girl. I hope you survive the weeks without Parenthood - I feel for you I really do. I guess every good party comes with a price. I'd love to trade you if I could as I'm definitely ready to get out of town!