roads and happenings

So things have been pretty uneventful around these parts lately.  In a good way.

{Discounting the episode of dog diarrhea that found it's way all over my kitchen floor (and door, and clothing, and dog...) this morning. Lots & lots of dry heaving ensued.}

I'm kind of basking in the uneventfulness.  Everyone is healthy.  Everyone is happy. And everyone is employed. Can I get a hearty yee haw?


It seems the steady plateaus of living are a rare find among the mountainous challenges and downhill thrills of one's life topography.

Love the rushes, not usually a fan of the climbs, and right now I'm really loving just hanging out on my plateau. 

Can someone please pass me a pina colada?

A few of the happenings going on in our neck of the sticks:

A local TV station was up here doing a special on the lodge.  Deek was interviewed.  I can't wait to see if he makes the editing cut! I'm also intrigued to view their perception of the lodge.  Living 24/7 at a tourist destination always lessens the glamour a bit.

Last January when I was down with a bad cold, I taught myself how to crochet via YouTube.  And then it seemed my interest waned along with the sickness.  It may have something to do with January, but I've had a rekindling of interest in crocheting again.  I started making crocheted hearts for a Valentine heart garland to hang above my living room windows. Aren't they the cutest? And also, the fact I'm getting excited over crocheted hearts kind of makes me feel like a grandma.

Reese no longer calls me Bob.  Sad day.  She's officially transitioned to Mom.  I wanted to stay Bobba forever.

We finally were able to find a way to refill the propane tank.  We had to hire a neighbor to come plow out a temporary road above our home.  Wahoo!! Heating our home and cooking our food can still go on!

In the months we've been here we've seen a lot of friends, family, and acquaintances. One of which was an old boss of Deek's. This was a person who displayed more disregard, disrespect, and rudeness toward a person {Deek} than I have ever seen. We'll just say 'classy' and 'admirable' would not be words to describe their behavior.

While we are so glad Deek is no longer employed there {because it means our journey of unemployment lead us up here to the wild west... wahoo!!}, the sting of the way he was layed off is still there.  When I thought about what I would have wanted to say to this person had I seen them, I realized my maturity and Christ like love for my fellow men weren't quite where they should be.  A swift kick in the pants would have been a satisfactory greeting, in my opinion.

Kudos to Deek for refraining from any physical harm and acting cordially.  I'm sure I could have mustered up some sort of courteous greeting had I seen them.  Or maybe I would have taken the "kill em' with sugar and a smile" approach, but either way would have been insincere and hollow.  It seems I have far to go in loving my supposed enemies.

And so the road to perfection is ever long and arduous.  Sometimes I wish I could just skip the road all together and revel in my imperfections and tendencies of the natural man.  Pretend there is no road and give way to all intemperance.  But then guilt {or is it my conscience?} usually gets the best of me.  Darn that road.

Can't I just swim around in my anger and belittling thoughts for a while?

I guess that only hurts me though, doesn't it?

And so the angel and devil on my shoulders battle it out.

Darn, darn, darn that road to perfection. Leading me from comfortable plateaus to mountains I'd rather not summit.

I guess for now I'll just sip on that pina colada....


ClaysJenna said...

The dog diarrhea makes me sick to think about. Way to get through it and clean it up! :) You are a stronger woman than I am.
And, yes, that is a Bosch on my counter.
I love it.
A lot.

mama nels said...

Kudos indeed to Deek...AND you for not giving in to the dark side! Leave those feelings behind and feel the freedom the higher road provides. It can be hard at first, but so freeing and rejuvenating as you do! (Before you know it you may even feel some compassion for him - that's the beauty of the plan.
P.S. I love your posts and refreshing honesty kido!

mama nels said...

Oh! And I LOVE the hearts!!! You're amazing!

Katie and Greg said...

Glad you are surviving the January. Not just surviving, mind you, but excelling in darling little hot pink heart ways! I love the hearts too so I guess you and I should go ahead and reserved our rooms together at the rest home. And I'm truly sorry about Bob. Growing up can be sweet sorrow. Best wishes and warm cinnamon milk to you!