we're here live from the arctic

Whew!! We made it through the new year without freezing to death.  New Year's Eve's low was -36F with wind chill.  I don't care what kind of long underwear you own, that's just darn cold.

It's been an exciting few days.

Propane man came to fill up us up {that's how we heat our home} and discovered his hose can't reach our tank. Awesome. We're down to about 10% of capacity, so hopefully we can figure something out soon.  No propane = no heat and no cooking.

My double wide needs some long underwear.

We had visitors for the new year. Wahoo! Like real live people staying at our home.  So glad Danny and Sarah came up to visit, even if we did fall asleep before midnight.

With the crazy tourism business that consumes the Holidays, the lodge was packed.  I had to help out with housekeeping on New Years Day.. Translation: Jen cleaned lots and lots of toilets.  Barf.  Some people are really clean, and others not so much. I hope you never have to clean out a jetted tub that someone must have shaved their entire body in. And no hair had been rinsed down the drain. Gag. Vomit. Quadruple double barf.

Reese discovered the joy of jumping on beds {and checking herself out in the mirror while doing so}.  This is how she feels if we try and take her off:

Deek loves his job, but this is how feels about working almost every major holiday:

If eyes could bite...

Actually that would be really weird. I hope eyes never bite.

I love Deek's scar.  He says it's from a bear attack wink, wink.

It's not, but we'll let him pretend.

Our power went out the other night.  Didn't come back on til 5AM.  Our pipes were THIS CLOSE to freezing again.  Faucets were on full blast but only a trickle of water came out.  If there is one thing I've learned from living up here it's that having frozen pipes while caring for small children is pretty much the worst thing ever. EVER, I tell you.

I'm going to Chicago in a few weeks sans husband and child with the H gals to see Wicked. This year is already starting fantastically.

I keep hoping for it to warm up a tad so I can test out my snow blades on our sledding hill. And by warming up I mean highs at least in the 20's.

It's officially January and I'm stoked {Can I still use that term or did it die in like 2000? I don't know and now I'm embarrassed.}.  New slate, new decade, everything a white wintry new.

Cheers to a new year!!!

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