while we were in the other room..

...Reese found my empty dessert plate I hadn't cleared to the kitchen yet.  Deek and I just couldn't stop the giggling.  Face pressed against the plate, licking off every last smidgen of chocolaty goodness.  A girl after my own heart.

In other news, a little nook-ed somebody has been mischievously climbing every piece of furniture in sight today.

Why are naked little baby bodies the cutest things ever?  {Note: full grown adults running around sans clothes is not so cute. Read here.}

Buddha bellies, scrawny shoulders, and squishy legs. Love it.  All of it.  Too bad they're just not as cute when you're older.

Any who,  fun is being had at the home today.  Hooray!


Andrea Dent said...

OH Reese, can you possibly get cuter? And I agree, naked babies are adorable. And um, next time I see you, please have a plate of whatever that dessert was. I will fight Reese for it.

Andi said...

Could you PLEASE bring her with you this weekend?? :)