my love affair with snowshoeing

I'm in love.

No, not with him {though yes, actually I am.}

Meet my new hot date:

I finally christened the snowshoes that had been hanging out in my closet for the past few years.

We loaded Reese in the Deuter and went exploring into the great white wilderness.

The posse:

Cross country skiing trails sprawl out for miles and miles, all within walking distance of the lodge. A wonderland of wintery webs. A wonderland of wintery webs spread throughout the great white wilderness. 

Tell me you would be able to pass up on alliteration like that, foo'.

Oops, I digress. What was I saying? Oh yes... the trails. 

Warming huts and yurts provide shelter from the elements and provide a fabulous place to lunch.  The lovely hut we hiked to:

And then there was Reese.

Reese decided she'd like to whip out some independence and hike by herself for a while.

She kept going, and going, and going. Up the hill..

Into the meadow {such determination!}...

And almost to the woods again.

The girl's got some spirit.  She has some CAN do, WILL do, I'm-GOING-to-no-matter-what-you-say spirit.

Not sure where she gets it from, wink wink.

She was so pleased with herself, hiking just like mommy and daddy.  She even felt confident enough in her clunky boots to do some twirling up the trail. Spinning in circles with a smile on her face.

I know I've said it before, but I really just can't get enough of her.

But back to the snowshoeing. I'm totally converted.  A hard core fan, if you will.  Fresh, inversion-free air, moderate excercise {work those glutes!}, the best of company and all while being surrounded by God's natural canvas.

Mmmmm.... paint me that picture over and over again.

Snowshoeing? Yes please.

Again, and again.


mama nels said...

Oh that looks heavenly Jen! Thanks for sharing! I love the picture of Reese just a walkin up thfe trails! (and faithful Kita close by!) Love you all!

Staci & David said...

So those pics of Reese are just too cute for words. Maybe if you venture this way during the month of February you could take a minute to drop by and visit mi casa since we will once again have a place to call home and I can see your peanut up close since it has been too long.... And I promise to bribe you with hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls or some other delectability of your choice. I would say we'll come your way but I'm still not exactly sure where your way is (though I have some good hunches) and quite frankly the grocery store is a stretch for me in my ballooned state right now so I know I would break that promise if I made it before, say, July. Maybe then, though.:) But you name the date and the treat and I will do my best to comply with any reasonable requests!;) I just miss ya is all.

Katie and Greg said...

Snowshoes have been a random wish list item for sometime. I think its SO COOL that you have some. Way to go Reese! And I still can't figure out how Kita is so little. She still looks tiny to me. But maybe that's because I have a bear dog.